Crash Detection Technology


We all hope that every journey we make on our motorcycles will be pretty uneventful other than the thrill of the ride itself. Sadly thats not always the case. 

The latest UK governments statistics show 16224 motorbike accidents resulting in over 5500 injuries and 336 fatalities.

Quin Design has come up with technology that can help minimise the severity of injuries sustained or save lives due to an alert transmitted from the crash helmets as soon as an accident is detected. This can help save precious seconds when emergency services are required. 

When a serious crash is detected and authenticated three alerts are sent to your pre-set emergency contacts (Push Notification, Email & SMS). Your contacts will be advised of your accident and your coordinates so that help can be coordinated. The user can manually override and cancel the alert during the pre-alert countdown.

The Intelliquin chip employs a complex algorithm to authenticate parameters of each safety event. What this means is that an emergency alert is only triggered in worst case scenarios when it is determined likely that the rider is incapacitated and/or unconscious.