crash detection technology
sos distress beacon built-in
Crash Detection

All Quin Helmets are equipped with seamlessly integrated crash detection chip proprietary circuitry and corresponding algorithm for detecting and measuring the force and severity of a crash.

We all hope this technology is never needed however in reality there are motorcycle accidents every day in the UK. The latest governments statistics show 16224 accidents resulting in over 5500 injuries and 336 fatalities.

 When an accident happens, help is required as soon as is possible and any delay can add to the seriousness of the injury. When a serious crash is detected and authenticated three alerts are sent to your pre-set emergency contacts (Push Notification, Email & SMS). Your contacts will be advised of your accident and your coordinates so that help can be coordinated. The user can manually override and cancel the alert during the pre-alert countdown.

Get Help On the move
SOS Distress Beacon

Criminal activity and road rage seem to be at very high level these days so if you require assistance but are unable to stop and make a call then simply tap the call button three times and an SOS alert beacon can be triggered (Push Notification & Email) to your three pre-set emergency contacts providing your LIVE location tracking. This can be cancelled at anytime during a pre-alert countdown.

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